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There is no other way to market to customers and attract new customers in the mobile environment than by creating a great app for them to take advantage of, especially when you consider that apps will hold a user’s attention longer than a typical website. It is much easier to click away from a website while an app offers more interaction.

Having a branded mobile app designed and developed gives your business the opportunity to stand out from the competition. It gives you something new and exciting to use for marketing and advertising goals, retain current customers and attract new customers.

The type of the app you create for your business can be pretty much anything that your customers would find relevant. The more entertainment, fun and value you put into it, the more popular it will be, the more people will want to download and use it, the more they will talk about it, and the more successful your business will become.

mobile app design
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This makes an app exponentially more valuable than any other type of marketing or advertising you can do in the mobile marketplace. What else is incredible about creating an app is that after the initial investment, the app can continue to market on its own for free when it’s uploaded to Android Play Store or Apple Store.

The value of creating an app is just as valuable whether you are a B2B or B2C company. You can make use of mobile device features such as GPS, click to call or click to text options. Multimedia functions allow you to include video and audio into your app, if you so choose. In fact the best apps will include the highest sensory value combined with an easy to use and interface.

This is where a great app design and app development company like Alcon Media comes in.

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90% of user’s time on a mobile device is spent using apps

83.40% of the world's population owns a smartphone
Smartphone Users 83.4%
49% of people open an app 11+ times each day
App Usage 49%
21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day
App Usage 21%
70% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps
Digital Media Time 70%

mobile app design & app development

Relax to the soothing sounds of nature. Let your mind drift away to a more tranquil and peaceful place with the beautiful sounds of nature.

Use Soothe to reduce stress and anxiety, sleep therapy, sound/music therapy and general relaxation. Let it lull you to sleep and have it automatically shut off after a set period of time.

Over 10 hours of nature sounds to unwind and de-stress you… whenever you need. Kick off your shoes, sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of nature.

Let your mind drift away to a more tranquil and peaceful place with the soothing sounds of nature.

1. Woodland Pathway – Imagine yourself walking down a beautiful woodland pathway… the warm sun glistening through the trees… the tranquility of nature relaxing you. 68 minutes

2. Babbling Brook – A journey alongside a gently bubbling stream… the clear water glistening in the morning sun… the soothing sound comforting you as you rest by the water’s edge. 60 minutes

3. Tropical Storm – Feel the electricity in the air… the might of mother nature being unleashed… the warm rain splashing down on your face. 66 minutes

4. Summer Rain Storm – The gentle pitter patter of raindrops becoming louder and louder as the storm reaches its climax, refreshing and captivating. 68 minutes

5. Hot Jungle Day – Trekking through the humid jungle you take a break and soak in the cacophony of sound coming from the canopy. 60 minutes

6. Tropical Waves – Relaxing on a pure white beach, the hot mid-day sun beats down on your face as the waves gently lap at your feet. This is paradise. 68 minutes

7. Autumn in the Forest – The clean, fresh bouquet of nature. You close your eyes as the sounds of Mother Nature caresses your ears… and your soul. 66 minutes

8. Dusk at the Oasis – The warm breeze blowing across the sand and through the green vegetation. You look up to a sea of sparkling stars against the  endless black of space.  68 minutes

9. Log Cabin Campfire – The crackling of the wood and the scent of the smoke as the dancing flames mesmerize and soothe you. 60 minutes

10. Tranquil Waterfall – The soothing, tranquil sounds of crystal clear water cascading down the sides of hills and mountains, coming to a sparkling blue end. 60 minutes

Soothe is an app developed by Alcon Media as an in-house project. It is a free app and available for Android and Apple devices.